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Adult education

St Thomas offers a wide array of adult education opportunities. The clergy offer regular courses for adult newcomers to the Episcopal Church and for those seeking to deepen their understanding of faith. For information about current offerings contact the Parish Office. St Thomas is also experimenting with a new format 'Thinking Allowed' in which Dartmouth professors and their colleagues share insights at St Thomas. 'Thinking Allowed' is a series in which academics present their cutting-edge research with a wide community audience. St Thomas is delighted to be able to offer educational space that brings the church and academia into constructive dialogue. The Rector is always delighted to hear from academics who would like to share their learning with the parish.

Education for Ministry (EFM)
EFM is a program of study, prayer, and reflection designed to prepare laypersons for their personal ministries in the world and in the church. EFM students meet weekly in small group seminars under the guidance of a trained mentor. The four year course of study, designed by the School of Theology at the University of the South (EFM page) encompasses Old and New Testament studies, church history, theology, and liturgy. St. Thomas has been active in EFM since 1993, and currently has three separate groups.
(Contact: Judith Esmay)
Second Sunday Forum
Every second Sunday of the month we welcome a speaker, frequently a visiting scholar, professional or church worker, to keep us informed about theology, faith, church life and the needs of the world. Past topics have included 'Faith in the White House', 'Torturing America' and 'Spiritual Evolution'.
If you would like to recommend a captivating and insightful speaker for a future Second Sunday speak to the Rector.