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Liturgical ministries

Our liturgical ministries are at the heart of who we are and what we do during our worship. We are always delighted to welcome new participants in these ministries. If you are interested in becoming part of one these ministries please contact the Parish Office or the named contact person for that ministry.

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild prepares for the services, rites, and ceremonies celebrated at St. Thomas throughout the year. (Contact: Bonnie Wallin)
The St. Thomas Choir sings two anthems each Sunday morning, and also performs at a variety of special events and services each year. See the music program page for more information. (Contact: Dr. Gerald Weale)
Eucharistic Ministers
The Eucharistic Ministers serve God and St. Thomas by serving the wine at Sunday celebrations of the Eucharist as well as at funerals and special services. (Contact: The Rev. Guy Collins)
The Acolytes carry lighted torches reminding us that God enlightens our hearts and minds through the reading of holy scripture and the sharing of communion. (Contact: Jesse Davis)
Lectors and Intercessors
Lectors read the appointed scripture readings during worship. Intercessors lead the 'Prayers of the People'. (Contact: The Rev. Guy Collins)
Ushers, Element Bearers, and Greeters
Liturgy is 'the work of the people' and our ushers and greeters are responsible for extending God's radical hospitality to all who worship. Element Bearers process the gifts of the parish during the offertory to the altar, reminding us that we present to God that which we have already received from God. (Contact: Blake Allison)