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Parish life

Eucharistic visitors
Eucharistic Visitors carry communion from St Thomas to parishioners who are hospitalized or home-bound. Eucharistic Visitors are licensed by the Diocese of New Hampshire, and provide a special ministry to those unable to attend worship services. If you know of someone who is sick and would appreciate communion brought to them please let us know. (Contact: The Rev. Dr. Guy Collins)
Pastoral care ministry
Pastoral caregivers provide spiritual support to fellow parishioners in crisis. The caregiver offers a hand to hold and a heart to care. Caregivers cannot eliminate problems, but provide prayerful companionship to those confronting them. Pastoral Care is a ministry of Presence — simple and profound. (Contact: Anne Harms)
Prayer chain ministry
The important practice of intercessory prayer — prayer for others — finds expression in the St. Thomas Church Prayer Chain. We pray daily for those who we have been asked to pray for. These may be parishioners, friends, relatives, and others in the wider community. Prayer Chain requests are at the church chapel and at Edgerton House in the Jonathan Daniels Chapel. The first names are usually read during the Prayers of the People on Sundays. The names are also in the bulletin for those who would like to pray for them during the week. (Contact: Doris Zappala)
Healing prayer ministry
Those who are in the healing prayer ministry offer prayers for healing with the laying on of hands during the Sunday Service at 10 am. This is available in the chapel near the parish hall after receiving communion. Come on behalf of yourself or another. If prayers are needed at another time please call anyone who is in this ministry. (Contact: Bob Strauss)
Sunday coffee hours
We enjoy coffee, food, and fellowship together in the parish hall after the 10 am service. Parishioners volunteer as hosts. (Contact: Judy McCarthy)